A1 Quality Painting | Services Offered

Offering a wide range of Painting Services


  • Interior/exterior painting
    People have different reasons for wanting the interior of their home painted. Some want a clean surface, others want to update their nest, or prepare to sell or rent a home.
    Whatever your reason, A-1 Quality Painting has your painting needs covered.
    We will be happy to help you choose colors if you would like, including accent walls and complimentary color tones. A new coat of paint is an easy and affordable way to bring big updates and a new look to your home. A good paint job will also attract renters or buyers if desired, including a bigger sale price!
  • Wallpaper removal
    Over the decades, wallpaper decor has come and gone in home fashion and style. Some wallpaer actually traps moisture and breeds dangerous mold.
    Unlike paint, however, most wallpaper cannot just be painted over if you want a different look. A-1 Quality painting will safely remove your wallpaper, repair any damaged walls, texture and repaint. An almost instant face-lift that can make your home look decades younger, this service is very popular. It can add value to your home, and make the difference between getting your desired price if you are selling your home.
  • Tape | float | texture
    For whatever reason some jobs are left unfinished. This can be frustrating and ultimately a waste of money. Do you have an un-finished garage or addition in need of finishing? A necessary step to pre-painting is tape, float and textured your walls. Let A-1 Quality Painting take your living space from un-finished to beautifully livable.
    Has your foundation settled leaving ugly cracks in your walls?
    Let A-1 Quality Painting repair them to look like new. Have you had a water leak or accident in the home leaving hideous stains or holes in your sheetrock?
  • Drywall repair and finish
    Fix Holes in the wall, texture and paint, leaving your with a finished product that will leave you wondering if there was anything ever wrong. Custom work for top quality results.
  • Pressure wash | mildew treatment